Fort Thomas Votes To Allow Deer Hunting In City Limits

(FORT THOMAS, KY) -- The city of Fort Thomas has been dealing with an overpopulation of deer, which it says poses a serious public safety threat both to drivers and residents.

So in a unanimous vote on Monday night, council decided to allow deer hunting within the city limits.

According to the new ordinance, people with a hunting license can hunt deer with a bow and arrow or a cross bow as long as they are 200 feet away from people structure and roads. They also have to have 50 feet of clearance on either side of them.

Hunters must also be within 35 yards of their target, and if they do kill a deer, they have to remove it's carcass.

The mayor says it's an issue that had to be addressed, but not everyone is pleased with the way it's being addressed.

Deer hunting will begin on Dec. 27 and run until Jan. 21.