Fort Thomas Residents File Lawsuit Against Ordinance To Allow Deer Hunting

(FORT THOMAS, KY) -- Two Fort Thomas residents have filed a lawsuit against the city after council voted unanimously last week to allow bow hunting in city limits.

Council passed an ordinance that would allow residents to kill deer beginning Dec. 27 through Jan. 21 to help control the city's out of control deer population.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, Dec. 26 in Campbell County by Fort Thomas residents Lisa Kelly and William Sheffield, states that the ordinance is flawed in that it does not specifically limited to deer, not limited to licensed Fort Thomas residents and there were no statistics compiled as to the effectiveness of this method. The lawsuit also says that 75 percent of the residents who attended the public hearing last week were opposed to the ordinance, and that city law enforcement also opposes it.

The lawsuit asks the city to void the ordinance, to set a speedy hearing and that the city pay any court costs or attorney fees.