Amy Baker Case Will Get New Judge

Amy Baker / Courtesy Mason County Jail
Amy Baker / Courtesy Mason County Jail


Update: Judge Lewis Nichols will temporarily come out of retirement to replace Judge Stockton Woods in this case.


Attorneys for both sides in the tampering with evidence case against Amy Baker have filed paperwork asking for the judge to recuse himself from the case.

Mason County Circuit Judge Stockton Wood has said that he has ties to prosecutors in the case against Baker and asked attorneys for both sides if they wanted a different judge assigned.

Baker was arrested in April on charges that she tampered with evidence by helping to destroy and hide the remains of 3-year-old foster child Marcus Fiesel. She was a key witness in the Ohio murder case against the boy's foster parents and was granted immunity in that state in exchange for her testimony.

Because the Ohio River is in Kentucky jurisdiction, Mason County Attorney John Estill brought charges against her.

Wood explained during a hearing last week that he and Estill worked together in a private law practice and that a family member of his still works with Estill. staff and information from the Associated Press.