Veal Scallopini with Chef Grayson of RED

Veal Scallopini with Chef Grayson of RED

Ingredients - Quantity

Veal scallopini 3 (4 oz ea)
Apple wood smoked bacon .5 oz
Risotto 2.5 oz
Butternut squash 1 oz
Sage .16 oz
Butter 1 oz
Dry dredge/steak dust .16 oz
Rioja veal jus 2 oz
Grana padana cheese .5 oz
Salt & pepper tt
Chicken stock 8 oz
White wine 2 oz
Yellow onion .5 ea
Blended oil 1 oz

Plate Building/Preparation


Risotto: in a saute pan, toast risotto and diced yellow onion in blended oil until golden brown, deglaze with white wine and slowly add chicken stock. Cook risotto until just tender and creamy, add cooked bacon, diced roasted butternut squash and sage. Season with salt and pepper and finish with shredded Grana padana.
Rioja veal jus: reduce rioja with thyme, black peppercorns and shallots until almost dry. Add veal stock and reduce until thickened, strain and finish with softened butter.
Veal scallopini: dust veal with dry dredge and steak dust and sear in a hot sauté pan with blended oil until golden brown.
To plate: place warm risotto on plate, place finished veal on top of risotto and spoon sauce around, garnish with fresh, chopped sage.