Benefit Held For Local Musician Killed A Year Ago

(COVINGTON, KY) -- One year ago this weekend, local musician Paula Wolfe was murdered, her body found wrapped in a blanket outside of Eden Park.

Police still don't have her killer, but Wolfe's spirit remains alive thanks to her family and friends who held what they hope is the first of many celebrations of Paula's life.

On any given Sunday night, Paula Wolfe would have been playing the blues. At the Back Stage Cafe, musicians played in her memory for charity with the hope new awareness brings in leads for police.

Paula's harmonica case sits in the rear of Back Street Cafe, but her memory remains in the spotlight.

"Paula could play the piano. She could sing. She played everything by ear. One day she picked it up and fell in love with it," said Pam Hallberg, Paula's sister.

Paula played the blues with musicians all over the city, many who donated their time for Sunday's celebration.

So her family and musician friends pulled the celebration together, hoping that sunshine helps First Step Home, a recovery program for women that helped Paula.

"Paula was a part of our family. She was a part of the recovery family at first step home. She maintained contact with people, donated materials. She was very dedicated to finding paths for recovery for women in the community," said Terry Schoenling of First Step Home.

Paula's sister says she hopes something else comes out of the celebration: new leads for police.

"I know they're working very hard on this case and would like to solve it but if we'd all say a prayer, I know we'll find out one day who did this to Paula," said Hallberg.

Paula's family and friends say they hope to turn this celebration into an annual event raising money for first step home that was such an important part in Paula's life.