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Steven Ackermann, News Director
Steven Ackermann, News Director

Chase For The Championship:

So, I am sitting here watching Ohio State take on LSU.  By the time you see this, we'll know the results. I must confess to mixed loyalties given my own Louisiana roots, but I am firmly behind the Buckeyes tonight and have a friendly cross-company wager with our News Directors in Baton Rouge , Shreveport and Lake Charles .  To be precise, Vicki and I have the formal wager and I am counting on Ohio State to win me a crawfish dinner!

If you are thoroughly confused, let me explain that we are part of a national media corporation called Raycom.  We share the work on big stories like this, so it has been interesting to watch the satellite feed from New Orleans.  One minute, Brian is reporting for us or one of the other Ohio stations and then he steps aside so a Louisiana reporter can step in.

If you missed our Chase for the Championship special on Sunday night, you missed several stories from reporter Joe Danneman.  One of my favorites is the delightful story of Nina and George.   Married for 50 years, they are very special Buckeye fans.   Click here for a link to the story and pay particular attention to George's explanation of the  Tuesday-night Rule .

Choices 2008:

Another (totally different) Tuesday-night Rule applies only during election years.  If you are wondering why the national media seems obsessed with the Presidential election, let me share a not-so-obvious explanation:  You see, I did that line of work for more than ten years.

Iowa and New Hampshire are social rituals among the national media.  When you do that line of work, you run into the same people story after story.  It is a road-warrior lifestyle, but so many of the stories involve tragedy and disaster.  The quadrennial political story brought us together on predictable dates in a positive environment.

On a personal level, our daughter claims she remembers her fourth birthday party hastily arranged at a Des Moines pizza parlor and both of our children remember spending a frosty weekend four years later in New Hampshire.  It's not unusual to turn Iowa and New Hampshire into family affairs.

On a more serious note, I confess to being a political junkie and 2008 fascinates me.  I'm sure you've read elsewhere how this is the first Presidential campaign in recent history  without  a standing President or Vice President in the race.   Check my history, but I believe President Harry Truman ran in the 1952 New Hampshire primary, so there was-at least temporarily-an incumbent candidate.  If I am right, the last comparable election was 1928 when incumbent Calvin Coolidge decided against running.

Combine this fact with this "new" and "compressed" political calendar and I think we have all the makings of history.

Jack Atherton has started a nightly political piece in The Ten O'clock News and he will be doing regular columns for  Here is today's debut column:

Human, All Too Human-- Senator Hillary Clinton's voice broke and she seemed on the verge of tears Monday in New Hampshire speaking about the primary campaign: "You know this is very personal for me. It's not just political, it's not just public, I see what's happening and we have to reverse it."

A fun  note:

Since I started writing, it's turning into a long night for the Buckeyes.  I am still optimistic about that crawfish dinner.

I was impressed that FOX decided to show performances from both the Ohio State and LSU marching bands.  I can't tell you how often we get emails and letters from viewers begging us to show the marching bands or complaining that we give too much coverage to the football teams.  The marching bands are part of what makes football special.    Maybe I'm biased because my future daughter-in-law was part of the marching band?

Now, back to the fun note:  Join us tomorrow night on The Ten O'clock News as we put our All Access Pass into service again.  Tricia Macke goes behind the scenes with the Harlem Globetrotters.  I've seen some of the out takes and you won't want to miss this.

As always, tell me what's on your mind by simply clicking here and thanks for reading along.  I think I'll stop writing before LSU scores again!

Until next week,