UPDATE: Charges In Aftermath Of Walnut Hills Gun Battle

Rico Williams / Courtesy Hamilton County Sheriff's Office
Rico Williams / Courtesy Hamilton County Sheriff's Office


Update: Police have arrested one person in connection with the shooting.

Rico Williams was arrested at University Hospital and charged with felonious assault and weapons charges.

Police say Williams took the gun into the bar and started shooting, then took off, throwing the gun away.

One of the bystanders, a woman, was shot in the head.

The Cincinnati Police Vortex unit showed up Tuesday night at the bar. The lieutenant in charge called it a walk through, but officers say they did find guns and drugs.

They saw a gun rolling a joint and pot on the floor near the pool table. They also found two loaded semi-automatic pistols in the bathroom, hidden at the bottom of the waste baskets.

Police think someone wanted fire power in case something else went down.

In all, 20 grams of marijuana and two loaded pistols were found. Five people were charged and the bar faces possible liquor license violations.

The bar's owner, who is identified only as Rick, defended his busines.

"They come in here with guns and drugs we don't condone this. We are a business need help in this corner too," he said. "I tried to work with young black males over here to curb violence, tried to show them they have a friend in this bar."


Investigators are trying to piece together what happened in Walnut Hills Monday night.

Four people were shot, all at a bar that's had trouble in the past. This was the third shooting at First Note Bar in 18 months.

A gun battle started about 9 p.m. Monday, when a man walked in armed and started shooting at another man.

Police say that guy fired back, and two innocent women who just happened to be at the bar were hit in the crossfire.

The men continued to shoot at each other outside the bar, both were hit and found their own rides to the hospital.

The women were taken by ambulance with non-life threatening injuries.

Police say one of the men is also going to be all right and the other had surgery.

We don't have the names of the people involved yet.