Erlanger City Council Wants To Charge Non-Residents For Wrecks

(ERLANGER, KY) -- There will be some added costs coming for drivers who get into accidents along one busy stretch of Tri-state highway.

FOX19's Sara Gouedy reports from Erlanger, where the city council's decided on some new fees for those wrecks.

Erlanger city leaders say they've been dealing with more and more wrecks each year.

Now they want those who don't live in Erlanger and get in an accident to pay for the help they get from the city..

Busy roadways criss cross Erlanger and police chief Marc Fields knows it.

"The past four months that I looked at, 82 percent of those accidents that we're working are caused by nonresidents," said Fields.

Fields wasn't surprised when the Erlanger City Council proposed an ordinance to have those drivers who cause an accident and don't live in the city paying extra for emergency car.

"They would be charged per car, and per officer that was there on the scene. And the time that they were there on the scene," he said.

It would cost about $250 per officer and the revenue generated could add up to a lot, since Fields says his officers go to at least 70 accidents a month.

"You're penalizing our citizens from our police services by the time we spend taking care of these things, these major arteries that are running through here take time away from patrolling the city," he said.

Not every non-resident says they'll want to pay the fee.

"City taxes pay the police salary. That should be it," said Jordan Meneghini. "It just sounds like another way to generate revenue. Which is basically the way the whole system is set up anyway."

But there are those who see a point.

"It could be a good thing, because the police department definitely needs the extra money to help out and they're always there for you when you need them," said Brian Lemons.

Erlanger police say most of the accidents in the city happen on I-75, Dixie Highway, and Ky. 263.

That ordinance passed at Tuesday night's council meeting by a unanimous vote.