First On FOX19: Scene Inside Detention Center The Night A Teen Collapsed And Died

(CINCINNATI) -- First on FOX19 --the scene inside the Hamilton County Youth Center the night a 14-year old collapsed, and later died.

Preliminary reports indicate that Sedric Massey died after ingesting cocaine, but when he swallowed it is in question.

FOX19's Corey McConnell took a look at the video.

The video shows almost every move Massey made when he was brought here to 20/20, and in the 45 minutes he was here, there was little or no opportunity for him to swallow anything without someone seeing it, which leads administrators here to believe Massey ingested the drugs before he was arrested by police.

At 11:23 p.m. on Sunday night, Cincinnati police brought Sedric Massey to 20/20, a place Massey had been before. He had been convicted on two felony drug charges.

This time it's drug charges again, when he was picked up by police, they found marijuana on him. Now video shows a second search taking place inside 20/20.

They search his shoes, his coat, and pat him down, at which point they find $1,100 in cash tucked in his boxers.

"He was searched. He was in plain view the entire time he was in custody or within sight or staff," said an officer at 20/20.

Massey is then taken to a holding cell, where he's handcuffed.

It's in that holding cell where 20/20 staff say Massey throws up, and they notice him chewing on a plastic sandwich bag.

Massey is brought back into the intake area, where he collapses onto the floor and a staff member calls 911.

That was just before midnight. Within minutes, two nurses are there, followed by EMS responders.

Mark Reed, the juvenile court administrator, said that most likely Massey would have been sentenced to six months at Hillcrest School for the drug charges and then released. It'll be the end of the week before the coroner will have preliminary toxicology reports to rule on a cause of death.