UPDATE: Man Who Was Trying To Do The Right Thing Dies


Update: The family of Clyde Horn says Horn has passed away.

Previously: Just trying to do the right thing has left a local man on life support in what his family calls a vegetative state.

Clyde Horn was attacked outside a Higginsport, Ohio bar on Christmas Eve and doctors say he will never recover.

FOX19's Corey McConnell has the story.

Clyde Horn's family has made the heart wrenching decision to take him off of life support Friday morning. They say injuries he suffered outside Karen's Hi-port bar at the hands of two teens, left him in this state, and they want justice.

Mark Horn says his brother, Clyde, was helping out a friend. The bartender at Karen's Hi Port bar asked him to kick some teenagers out of the bar, so he did, but the teens came back.

"The two young men left the bar and went and got a baseball bat and mallet and they blind sided him and attacked him," said Mark Horn.

As a result of his injuries, Clyde suffered several strokes and now has permanent brain damage.

"It was a senseless brutal act of violence," said Joyce Bronson, Clyde's cousin.

Doctors say he'll never recover, that he's in a permanent vegetative state.

"He didn't want to live on machines and my brother's wishes will be filled," said Mark.

Mark Horn says that once his brother is gone, he will fight to ensure the two teens, who he says are being held on felonious assault charges in Clermont County, will be charged as adults with his murder.

"I believe they deserve to be locked up for life. I don't think they deserve to walk around in the free world," said Mark Horn.

The Horn family says they've been robbed of a brother, a father, a cousin and a best friend. The family is holding a memorial fundraiser to help cover funeral expenses and medical bills on Jan. 19.

You can get the details of that here.