Kenwood Nursing Home Battles Virus

(KENWOOD, OH) -- A Kenwood seniors residence is battling an outbreak of a nasty intestinal virus.

'The Seasons' is both a senior living and assisted living community. They've shut down their dining room and canceled all group activities for a second week now.

A large number of residents have been suffering from vomiting and diarrhea, which prompted a call last week to the health department.

"The illness is not a result of the food being prepared here at Seasons. It is the result of just the common congregation of people. It's affected some staff, but I'm mostly concerned about our residents being seniors," said John Quattrone, executive director of The Seasons.

"Right now, we are only aware of the situation at one facility. Is it on the increase? We don't know. It is not something that is usually reported," said Mary Sacco with the Hamilton County Public Health Department.

The health department says the sickness comes from a common virus.

Back at the Seasons, they are delivering boxed meals to their residents.

They say the bug generally lasts only two to three days and the best prevention is to wash your hands.