First On FOX19: Baby Penguins Born At Newport Aquarium

Courtesy Newport Aquarium
Courtesy Newport Aquarium

(NEWPORT, KY) -- The Newport Aquarium has announced the hatching of two Gentoo Penguin chicks.

One chick hatched on Dec. 3, weighing 90 grams (just under 3.2 ounces). It now weighs eight pounds. The second chick hatched on Dec. 24 and was found on Christmas Day, weighing 163 grams (5.8 ounces). It now weights four pounds.

The older chick is gray, fuzzy and beginning to slowly venture away from its nest and can be seen in the exhibit, not far from its parents.

The younger chick is still nestled under its Penguin parents. Guests can view it at irregular intervals when the Penguin parents feed the chick.

Newport Aquarium was one of only two institutions in the country to breed Gentoo Penguins in 2007. Now, there are 10 King and 17 Gentoo Penguins residing in the exhibit. There is also a possibility that several additional Gentoo eggs that may hatch in the weeks ahead.

Report: Newport Aquarium