Community Supports Mason Family Killed In Fire

This case has sparked not only a lot questions, but a lot of sadness in Mason.

A cul-de-sac has turned into a memorial outside the home where Marguerite, Vincent, Jacob, Mia, and their mother, Nadya, lost their lives.

And for many who laid flowers and cards, a stunned silence with no answer to the question of why.

"Those kids came home from school yesterday, a normal day, and probably ate dinner and just as we were walking here, seeing their vehicle just sitting in the driveway, it's very surreal to know that people died in that house last night," said neighbor Andrew Backen.

Neighbors tell FOX19 nothing they saw ever indicated something wasn't right at the Veillette home.

They told us Michel Veillette traveled a lot and that the family took pride in it's Canadian heritage.

"From all appearances they were just a typical middle class family, so it's just kid of scary. I think it makes you realize you know that anyone as it is is capable of anything," said neighbor Rob Young.

And in Mason, news of the fire and deaths spead quickly. The memorial keeps growing outside the Veillette home.