More About Nadya And Michel Veillette

Although law enforcement is being guarded about what is released to the media, we are learning more about Nadya and Michel Veillette.

Michel Veillette remains at University Hospital on Monday under the watchful eye of police, and once he's released he'll be taken to jail for the murders of what appears to be his picture perfect family.

On Friday, five of the six members of this smiling family perished. The mother and wife, Nadya, was stabbed to death.

"You just kind of think that at quarter til 10 she's gonna come bouncing in, smiling face and all that. It's hard to believe," said Randy O'Neill, the owner of Colors Cafe.

Nadya was considered family at the Colors Cafe, where she had worked for three months. Her last day at work was Friday. You can see her arriving on surveillance video.

"Never came in a bad mood or depressed or anything, just nice to have around," said O'Neill.

O'Neill says Nadya was always smiling, especially when she talked about her four children, but O'Neill says he was surprised the time he met Michel Veillette.

"I said, 'Hey, Nadya.' She said, 'Hey,' and he didn't look up. He didn't say hi. He had never seen me before and I never saw a smile. I kind of thought it was like oil and vinegar. She's so happy and friendly and he's so quiet and cold," recalled O'Neill.

But on Airsoft Ohio's Web site, condolences are posted for the entire family, including Michel, calling him a caring person who was very proud of his family.

Airsoft Ohio is a recreational hobby group where participants hit each other with plastic ball bearings launched from Airsoft guns.

Michel is known as the 'founder' and long loved comrade on the Web site.

Much like his wife, who is loved and missed.

"You can replace an employee, but you can't replace the person. That'll be the tough part," said O'Neill.