Dozens Of Animals Rescued In Butler County

(REILLY TOWNSHIP, OH) -- Authorities in Butler County need your help with dozens of animals they found in deplorable conditions.

They found the anything but pampered pets while evicting a man in Reilly Township and job one is nursing dogs, a cat and a pony back to health.

The situation is not good, but the animals should be OK, and their story should serve as a warning.

One by one, they parade them out. Ultimately, 45 dogs, all in bad shape.

And they weren't alone.

"These animals could be having a much better life if they were in a different home," said Leland Gordan with the Humane Society in Trenton.

Gordan's organization helped evict the man who lives in this rural home.

"The floors were covered in feces and urine, the stench was of ammonia. It was just horrible on the inside," he said.

It's where they say they found those 45 dogs in terrible shape, one more neglected cat and a pony, who might not even make it.

"We did see some animals that had fleas, they had feces and urine in their fur. The pony was the animal that was in the worst condition," said Gordan.

Authorities say animal cruelty charges are pending against Bobby Conrad, the man allegedly responsible for the mess.

Gordan said he plans to clean the pets up, get them to a vet and go from there.

Even so, some of them are unused a normal dog's life. They can't walk with a leash.

The humane society will try to adopt them out and let this be a lesson.

"It's not rocket science here. People need to listen to Bob Barker: Have your pet spayed or neutered, and if you have a dog, put a dog license on your dog," said Gordan. "Don't let your animal situation get to this point. Call for help."

For ways that you can help, contact the Trenton Human Society at (513) 867-5005.