Miami Students Discuss Politics As School Gets Ready To Host Colin Powell

(OXFORD, OH) -- Many states are holding their primaries before Ohio's on March 4 and the fastest growing voting group is young people.

FOX19's Meghan Mongillo talked to students at Miami University, where Colin Powell is speaking on Tuesday night.

The political vibe on college campuses is contagious. At Miami University in Oxford, students say they're finding time to talk politics.

"Everyone knows right now the Internet is prominent on campus a lot of students don't have time to watch TV and don't have access to newspaper they are focused on studying for their textbooks. I would say the Internet one followed by news media and newspaper," says sophomore Janet Mokhnatkin.

So what issues are driving them?

The students we talked to seem to agree with the national polls, that say the war and economy are big concerns of young voters.

"Economy, homeland security and the budget," says senior David Schabel.

"Homeland security is important. What we're trying to do with other countries is a big deal for me," says senior Latorria Griffith.

"International issues, making sure we return to cooperative foreign politics like in the Clinton era. That's why I support Hillary Clinton in the primary right now," says senior Johnathan Gair.

"I'm defiantly a Democrat, I support Barack O'Bama right now," says grad student Lawrence Hilton.

Students hope to gain more insight into politics Tuesday night. That's when former secretary of state Colin Powell will come here to speak. His talk will focus on diplomacy - persuasion, trust and values.

Students want to hear his thought provoking commentary on our world today.

"He's had the opportunity to be the top military and political advisor to the president. That's a background we can gain a lot from," says senior George Schnell.

And even though the talk is labeled as bi-partisan, it may help these students form an better opinion on who they want to be the next president of the United States.

That speech at Miami is free and open to the public. It starts at 7 p.m. at Millett Hall.