Read Phil Heimlich's Letter

Ever since the endorsement decision was made by the Hamilton County Republican Executive Committee on Friday, I have been discussing the future of my campaign with my wife, my family, my advisors and many of my supporters.

In light of the outcome of the Hamilton County endorsement, and with the late entry of Tom Brinkman into the race, I am announcing today the end of my candidacy for Congress.

Mr. Brinkman's candidacy serves no purpose other than to assure Representative Schmidt's renomination.  There is no reason to put the Republican Party through a tough primary battle when victory isn't possible. To do so would only lead to the ultimate benefit of the Democratic > Party and its liberal agenda.

I offer my heartfelt thanks to all the donors, volunteers and grassroots activists who supported our effort to keep this district in Republican hands. Their generosity and commitment will always be deeply appreciated.

Finally, I am requesting the various Boards of Elections within the district remove my name from the primary ballot if possible.