Erpenbeck Lawyer Tells Other Side of Story

While the reports of fraud charges and lawsuits against the Erpenbeck Company pile up, the man at the center of the storm packed and headed to Florida.

"There's no good reason to require a bond for his appearance. He's going to appear when ever anyone wants him to," claimed Glenn Whitaker, the attorney representing Bill Erpenbeck. "(He)

stepped forward and initiated the investigation by going to the federal authorities. He did that on his own accord without anybody pushing or prodding him. He wanted to get this story out and wanted to end this situation."
The defense claims Erpenbeck wanted to blow the whistle on practices used by title companies and banks in handling home closings, even though it would mean substantial risk to himself and his business.
Still, an untold number of people face financial ruin for buying an Erpenbeck property saddled with liens.
"He has great concern for them, more concern for them even more than his own company and his own situation," maintained Whitaker. "That's one of the reasons he came forward. My hope and expectation is that the title companies that allowed this to happen will take care of the problems as they should. Because it would not have happened but for them."