Delhi Family With 2 Sets Of Triplets Loses Home To Fire

(DELHI, OH) -- A devastating loss for a family with six children under the age of five.

Five months ago, our community rallied to help Tim and Vicky Lasita when the Delhi couple gave birth to their second set of triplets.

The odds of building a family like that are one in 64 million.

FOX19 was there in September when the newest Lasitas, Casey, Caden and Carson made their first public appearance.

The Lasitas' house, finally finished from renovations to help the family take care of new three babies, and three four year olds, was destroyed in an early morning fire on Sunday.

The blessing is that the Lasitas, their six children and Vicky's older son escaped unharmed.

The fire started in the garage, which they'd converted to a makeshift storage and laundry room. They had just finished the bulk of the renovations, but now they have to start from scratch.

Tim and Vicky Lasita's house, once filled with children's laughter and toys, now sits gutted.

Early Sunday morning, Tim was asleep with the 4-year-old triplets downstairs; his wife was with the 5-month-old triplets upstairs.

Then he smelled smoke.

"He picked them all up. He yelled for Vicky. She came flying down, scooped all the babies out of their beds. They ran out the door. No shoes, no coats, no anything. Everything just burned," said family friend Denise Tracy.

It's been a hard time for the Lasitas since the birth of their second set of triplets.

One of their older triplets is autistic, another has had several hip surgeries.

To save money, they cancelled the insurance on a car they planned to sell. And they cut back on their homeowners insurance, opting for structural insurance only.

The fire destroyed both the car and the house.

"This is the biggest setback of all. They don't like to ask for help. They don't like to reach out. They're gracious when it comes but they don't want to be with their hands out. That pride is really going to hurt," said another family friend, Beth Stacklin.

Tim and Vicky had given up their bedroom so contractors could knock down a wall and make a bigger room for the babies.

The work was just finished, then came the fire.

Friends say they're hoping once again the community will help the Lasitas.

"I'm praying they do even more this time because we have to start all over from scratch," said Tracy.

The Lasitas' church, Our Lady of Victory (513.922.4460), has been stepping up efforts to help the family. The Red Cross is paying for the family to stay in a hotel through Monday night.