Catching Up With Former American Idol Contestant Phil Stacey

A former American Idol contender with Tri-state connections says the popular show is like a boot camp into the music industry.

FOX19's Meghan Mongillo has more on how Phil Stacey hopes to hit it big.

Phil Stacey made it to the top 6 of last season's American Idol. You may remember him in the audition shows for missing his daughter's birth. His daughter, McKayla, is now a year old.

The Harlan County, Kentucky native says he and his family have moved to Nashville.

And it's been a whirlwind.

"Immediately I went on Idol tour, then signed with Lyric Street records then started cutting a record with Wayne Kirkpatrick, who produced Little Big Town, put out a single, it's been exciting," said Stacey.

Phil came to Cincinnati's B105 studios and then to a listener party to promote his upcoming country album.

"We didn't have anything but country music and gospel in my house. If being true to myself I do country, it helps that an audience does so well with the country genre," he said.

Phil's country roots can be traced back here to the Tri-state. When he was younger his dad was the pastor at the Tylersville Road Church of God. He attended Fairfield elementary and middle school. He says he enjoys coming back, and he always stops by Skyline.

"Every time I go I have three coney's all the way, deluxe burrito, way overeat, but I don't get it enough," he said.

And he's hoping fans in the Tri-state can't get enough of his music.

The single "If You Didn't Love Me" is on country radio now and hiss debut album hits stores April 15. Phil hopes to be back in Cincinnati when he goes on tour this summer, though no official date's been set.