Louisville Girl Killed While Waiting For Bus

By Elizabeth Donatelli

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- An elementary school student in the Russell neighborhood was hit and killed while waiting for a school bus. It happened just before nine at 35th and Southern Avenue. WAVE 3's Elizabeth Donatelli investigates.

"I seen something rolling across the street there, and I didn't think it would be a child," said witness Doll Williams. "I thought it might be a paper like a paper blowing. It might have been that, but it wasn't. It was a little child down there."

Williams was waiting at the bus stop with her sister's child when she saw it happen.

"It's sad," Williams said. "It really is to be out there that way and for them not to watch her. It's sad. It's pitiful."

An 8-year-old girl was waiting in her grandmother's car for the school bus. LMPD spokesman Detective Phil Russell says the girl apparently "saw her bus, and unfortunately, she ran out into oncoming traffic and was struck by a truck from MSD.

Police say the truck was heading towards the bus, but it's unclear if the driver saw the girl or had time to brake. Either way, neighbors say some sort of accident in this neighborhood was inevitable.

"It's crazy," Williams said, "because these people come flying down here like they gotta go through this light. It's mad. They need to stop."

An MSD manager said they are providing the driver counseling and conducting their own investigation.

Online Reporter: Elizabeth Donatelli

Online Producer: Michael Dever