Mom Gets 4 Years For Allowing Boyfriend To Abuse Son

(CINCINNATI) -- A local mother found guilty of looking the other way while her boyfriend abused and killed her 3-year old son will spend the next four years in prison.

"I will never understand how you as a parent can fail to protect your innocent defenseless child. It appears to me you chose your boyfriend over that child," said judge Charles Kubicki.

Judge Kubicki gave Luzmilda Blue a scolding before he sentenced her to four years behind bars.

Last fall, Blue's boyfriend, Lamont Hunter, got the death penalty for raping, repeatedly beating, and killing her son, Trustin Blue.

"It's one more step, we have, of course one more, the execution of Mr. Hunter. It'll never be over because the biggest part of my heart is gone, so it'll never be over," said Amber White, Trustin's godmother.

Hunter's execution date has not yet been set.