3-Alarm Church Fire

Twin steeples collasped after catching fire Friday at the Old St George Church.  The church is a landmark near the University of Cincinnati.

Firefighters say they were able to save the main structure of the building from being damaged.  The church building is listed on the National Register of History Places (see also on web section on right of page.)  The steeples were reportedly 190 feet tall.  Firefighters were able to put water on the roof to help put out the fire but had to back away as the steeples gave way.

No injuries were reported.  Traffic was a mess due to Calhoun and Scioto streets being closed.

The church opened in 1873.  Services ended in 1993.  The church was vacant at the time of the fire but in the past decade was the site of a coffee shop and community meeting center.  Three years ago Walgreens wanted to buy the site for a store but a preservation group was able to pocess the property.

Previous Story:

Cincinnati Fire is currently on the scene of a huge 3-alarm fire in Clifton.

No injuries have been reported at this time.

Previous Story: Both steeples are heavily damaged by fire.  Truck are throwing water on the church right now.  The top of the steeples fell to the street.

The steeples are reported to have been 190 feet tall.  The building last used as a church during the 1990s but has lately been used for community events.

Previous Story:  Around 7:00pm, Fire crews were dispatched the corner of Calhoun street and Scioto Street for a report of the St. George Church on fire.

Many streets in the area are blocked.  Flames can be seen shooting from church steeples.

We have crews on the scene and will be bringing updates as soon as the become available.