Another Local School Fight Posted On YouTube

(UNION TOWNSHIP, OH) -- Last time, it was two girls kicking and punching at Norwood Middle School. Now a fight at a local high school between two boys has landed on YouTube.

The fight was captured on a cell phone at Glen Este High, then posted on the Internet site for the whole world to see.

Glen Este suspended both boys for three days, and in keeping with the school's policy, they were also charged by Union Township Police with disorderly conduct.

But the principal's also concerned about that posting.

"It's easy for kids to get behind a screen and say things do things make comments about people that they wouldn't normally do," said principal Dennis Ashworth. "At Glen Este High School, we do not and will not approve of that we are looking for leads to how that got on YouTube."

As for the fight, Glen Este has strict rules against bullies, but administrators say this was a one time scuffle.