Delta Ave. Reopen Following Mudslide


Update: Delta Ave. has been reopened following the mudslide in Columbia Tusculum.

After clearing the wreckage, the city has determined that the hillside is stable and says the foundation of a home there shifted only slightly.

9PM Update: One lane remains closed on Delta ....

It's not a scene anyone wants to come home to.

"I was just shocked how could that happen?  It just fell!"

Neighbors on Delta watched in disbelief at the aftermath of a mudslide.  Rain soaked soil and a retaining wall gave way onto a car below bringing trees down with it.

"With talking to the guy from public works he says it happens all the time with 100 year old walls it happens quite frequently."

Jim Rhodes is working on a new construction just above this house in the five hundred block of Delta and came out to check out the damage.

"I've never seen anything like this."

Rhodes says when you're working on hillsides like this one you've got to make sure your retaining walls can handle the pressure.

The city determined that the hillside is stable, and says the foundation of the home only moved slightly, so it probably won't go any further.

But that doesn't  bring a whole lot of comfort to neighbors.

"It makes me worry that the house could slide if the other ones are sliding."

Fortunately, the home is vacant so no one was injured but the same can't be said for the innocent bystander, the car parked on the street below. Corey McConnell

A mudslide has shut down Delta Avenue Tuesday afternoon in the Columbia Tusculum neighborhood.  The mud pushed through a retaining wall bringing down trees and destroying cars in the 500 block of Delta.

The residence at 517 Delta may have sustained some damage and officials are on the scene now. will have more information shortly.