UPDATE: 10-Year-Old Accused Of Starting Lawrenceburg Fire

Courtesy of Annie Fitzgerald
Courtesy of Annie Fitzgerald
Courtesy of Annie Fitzgerald
Courtesy of Annie Fitzgerald


Update: The Dearborn County Prosecutor's Office says that yesterday's fire was started by a ten year old.  The boy was playing with fire behind one of the buildings when the material and wind got out of hand and spread the fire to the structures.  The prosecutor says there was no intent to burn down the buildings.

The ten year old is being detained.  He is facing delinquent arson charges.

If he was an adult facing those charges it could lead to a 20 year sentence in prison.

Previous Story: A large fire hit a historic block in downtown Lawrenceburg late Sunday afternoon burning through the evening and into the night.  The fire began at a building in the northeast corner of Walnut and High, and quickly spread into other buildings at the corner.

The buildings are believed to be pre-Civil war, and the block was under rehab. About $3 million had been invested into revitalizing the downtown area. One of the buildings affected contained a bar that had just opened.  Another business damaged was a pizza restaurant.

"It's really discouraging after all these years and all the money trying to rebuild downtown that there's going to be a major hole. It's a old river town with resilient people and we'll come back," said Marty Pieratt, General Manager of Eagle Radio, whose studio is in downtown Lawrenceburg, across the street from where the fire broke out.

The smoke and at first the flames could be scene for miles, as could as the lights from the myriad fire crews called to the scene.  Complicating the firefighters' work were the strong winds, along with extremely cold temperatures which quickly turned the water from the firefighters' hoses into ice.

Although firefighter quickly knocked down the main body of flame,  smoke continued to pour out of the buildings, at times limiting visibility to just a few feet.

The state fire marshal was in Lawrenceburg on Monday to try to determine a cause of the fire. A press conference has been scheduled at the Dearborn County prosecutor's office.