Covington Fire Chief Involved In Crash In Boone Co. Over The Weekend

Charles Wheatley
Charles Wheatley

(HEBRON, KY) -- The Covington Fire Chief was involved in a severe accident over the weekend that wasn't discovered for several hours.

According to the police report, Charles Wheatley, 46, was traveling on state Route 8 (River Road) on Saturday around midnight when he went off the road and started to slide. The vehicle struck a pole, then a culvert and flipped two and a half times before coming to rest on its top.

The car was not discovered until 6 a.m. and Wheatley was discovered in the back of his car sleeping.

Signs of alcohol was shown, as Wheatley blew a .050 when he was found, which is under the legal limit. However, police say they do not know what his blood alchol level was at the time of the crash.

Wheatley was driving a city-owned car, which sustained severe damage, and there was some damage to a yard in the 5200 block of River Rd.