Family waits for news after Marine disappears

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WAVE) -- It's been a week of searching and waiting for the family of a Marine from Jeffersonville who went missing in Florida. Last Sunday, something caused 24-year-old Eric Hall to suddenly flee his grandmother's home -- and he hasn't been seen since. WAVE 3 's Lindsay English has more.

Since Feb. 4th, Kevin Hall has been doing a lot of waiting. "It's in God's hands," he said. "There's not a lot -- whether I'm here or there -- it is in God's hands. Kevin Hall has been at his southern Indiana home, waiting for any word from his youngest son, Eric Hall, a former Marine.

"There are things that go through your head and you just try to push those things aside and  you go on, that's all you can do, " Hall said.

While Kevin has been waiting at home, in case Eric makes a return to his hometown in Indiana, Eric's mother, Becky and other family members have been doing everything possible to find their 24-year-old son.

He went missing near Port Charlotte, Florida last Sunday. "We have vets, we have ex-Marine Corps, we have just regular people off the street that's seen our plea for help," say Beck Hall.

Their plea began a week ago, when Eric's visit with grandmother took a strange turn. "He just started thinking that he had a gun in his hand," Kevin said. "He was talking on the radio. He said 'they've got us surrounded,' wanted her to be quiet."

Eric told his grandmother he had to get out of the house. He then rode his motorcycle about a mile and laid it down, still running. Then he took off into the woods. That was the last time anyone saw or heard from him.

Kevin says Eric has struggled in the three years since he returned home, dealing with the aftermath of an explosion that killed his friend, fellow Marine. It also left him with a hip injury that required 22 major surgeries.

But Kevin says his son had been doing better, moving to Florida just a few weeks ago, trying to make a fresh start. "We don't know why, we don't know his state of mind, we don't know what caused it," Kevin said.

And he says the family isn't ready to give up hope that Eric is still alive. "You can't quit. We will try and search and hunt for him, until we have evidence otherwise."

Kevin Hall also says his son had been on pain medication for his hip injury since he returned from Iraq, but that he hadn't taken any of it since January 2nd. He believes that may have played a role in Eric's mental state at the time he disappeared.

Online Reporter: Lindsay English

Online Producer: Michael Dever