Middletown Father Gets 26 Years For Assault, Attempted Murder

(MIDDLETOWN, OH) -- A Middletown man who stabbed a woman and then took his two sons in December 2006 was sentenced on Tuesday to 26 years in prison.

Julius Crossty III fled with his two children from their home in the 800 block of Yankee Road after he had stabbed the older boy's mother in the leg. Crossty, who had past domestic trouble, took eight year old Julian and nine year old Julius Crossty, prompting an Amber Alert.

The next day, police found the gold sedan that the three left the house in on the lot of a used car dealership located on the corner of Hanover Avenue and Verity Parkway. The car was covered up with a tarp and police found a hose extending from the tailpipe into the car.

Hours later, the three were found in an abandoned home just a few blocks away on Lincoln Street.

The boys were unharmed. The stabbing victim had to be taken to the hospital, but was OK.

Crossty was sentenced on three counts of attempted murder and one count of felonious assault.