Local Judge Thinks She Busts Sex Slave Ring

Judge Nadine Allen
Judge Nadine Allen

(CINCINNATI) -- A local judge thinks she may have busted a sex slave ring right in her own courtroom.

Hamilton County municipal court judge Nadine Allen says it was basic instinct that lead to the bust.

"I've been waiting 21 years to catch a pimp in action," Allen said.

Judge Nadine Allen says she had a feeling about this man, Jason Lee, who's now being held on drug charges in the Hamilton County Justice Center.

She says Lee was sitting right behind the defense attorney and the defendant in court at the time, Caressa Brunelle.

"I looked back and saw a rather unsavory looking character in the back and asked him what he was doing here," said Allen.

Allen says Lee told her he had posted Brunelle's $100 bond and then Brunelle started talking.

"She said he forced her to have sex with his friends as repayment for getting her out on bond," said Allen.

Judge Allen immediately had Lee arrested.

His record shows he's a sex offender, charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, and has a history of drug charges.

"That is rape in my book and importuning, which is a fancy word for being a pimp," said Allen.

Allen believes that Lee may have found Caressa Brunelle by using the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts Web site.

"If you have the name of an individual, what they're charged with, what the court date is, what the outcome is, that's all public information," said Clerk of Courts Greg Hartmann.

Hartmann says Lee has posted bond before, for a different woman who was facing theft and drug charges.

"If this guy is a pimp seeking to make prostitutes out of people who have fallen on hard luck or drug problems, he needs to be prosecuted," said Hartmann. "When you think of a sex slave ring you think of Darfur, Cuba, Russia, but you don't think Hamilton County."

No charges have been filed against Lee in connection with what happened in Judge Allen's courtroom because Allen says now, Caressa Brunelle is refusing to cooperate.

Judge Allen has sentenced Caressa Brunelle to six months at the justice center and she hopes that in that six months, Brunelle will change her mind, or that others will come forward who have had contact with Lee.

FOX19.com: Corey McConnell