Alleged Pimp Suspect Speaks To FOX19

(CINCINNATI) -- In a jailhouse interview, we hear from a man arrested in a Hamilton County courtroom after the judge suspects he's a pimp.

Last week in Judge Nadine Allen's court room, police arrested Jason Lee after the woman on the stand accused him of bailing her out, then forcing her to have sex with his friends.

Jason Lee says that's far from the truth, but not everyone buys his story.

"I went down there to get the bond money back," says Lee,

On the phone from the Hamilton County Justice Center, Lee says he bonded Caressa Brunelle out of jail as a favor for a friend.

"I go get our out of jail, we go back to my house, at this point I have to go somewhere so I let her stay there, take a shower, whatever, make phone calls cause she just got out and when I come back she wasn't there," says Lee.

So Lee says he went back to court to collect his bond money.

But that's not the story Caressa Brunelle told Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Nadine Allen.

"She said he forced her to have sex with his friends as repayment for getting her out on bond," said Allen.

Lee was convicted in 2000 of corrupting a minor and is required to register as a sex offender as a result of that conviction.

"He forced me and my friend to have sex with him and his friends," says Ashley, who identifies herself as one of Lee's victims.

Ashley says since 2000, she's had one chance encounter with Lee.

"He told me that if I ever need a job as a prostitute to definitely come see him and he would be the right man to see for that," she says. "He said he had a couple girls working for him then."

But a member of Lee's family says that the idea that he's a pimp is ridiculous.

"It would be hard for me to believe that any girls would do what he says because he's huge, he's really a big teddy bear," says Toni Margeson, Lee's cousin.

"Nobody's been to talk to me. I told them I'd take a lie detector test and everything," says Lee.

Now right now Jason Lee is being held without bond on probation violation charges and he hasn't been charged in connection with anything that happened in Judge Allen's courtroom.

We'll continue to follow this story and bring you any new developments.