UPDATE: Jeni Lee Dinkel Bonds Out


Update: FOX19 has learned that Jeni Lee Dinkel has posted bond and was released from jail.

Dinkel's husband, Tom, tells FOX19 that she's never missed a sexual offender treatment class and is in constant contact with her probation officer.

Dinkel also expressed concern about some of the requirements of the class she's taking with male sex offenders.

As for refusing the polygraph test, Dinkel says she refused the test on the advice of their attorney, representing them in the civil suit filed by her victim's family, but the Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders says that's a condition of her probation, not an option.

"Polygraphs are used in cases of sex offender treatment in order to evaluate and investigate sex offenders and make sure they have committed no further offenses not haivng inappropriate contact with children," said Sanders.

Update: FOX19 has obtained the court documents for the case. According to those documents, Dinkel has not successfully completed sex offender treatment as ordered.

The documents say that Dinkel was referred to the Kentucky Sex Offender Treatment Program in August of 2007, and on Feb. 14, 2008m she was terminated unsuccessfully from the program for "failing to follow treatment guidelines, specifically, failure to accept responsibility for her offense and refusal to take a polygraph examination."

Update: Dinkel's bond has been set for $5,000.

She will appear in court on Monday, Feb. 24.


A woman convicted of rape in a case involving her son's high school classmate was jailed again Monday night.

Jeni Lee Dinkel was picked up at her Villa Hills home by a Kenton County Sheriff's deputy after a warrant was issued for her arrest on a parole violation charge.

As of late Monday night she remained in the jail after bond was set.

Dinkel was convicted last year on third degree rape charges after admitting to having sex with her teenage son's friend.

She served 59 days in the Kenton County jail for the offense.

FOX19 is continuing to gather information and will have the latest as it becomes available.