Local School District Affected By Beef Recall

(ERLANGER, KY) -- Animal cruelty is behind the largest meat recall in U.S. history.

143 million pounds of beef processed at a California plant are included in that recall, declared unfit to eat by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Some of that meat is said to come from downer cattle, animals that could no longer stand and shouldn't have been slaughtered.

Ag officials estimate 37 million pounds of it went to school programs, including one school district right here in the Tri-state.

The Erlanger-Elsmere school district is one of those schools on that recall list.

According to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture's Bill Clary, that beef's been out of schools since late January, including the ones in the Erlanger-Elsmere district.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture says Erlanger-Elsmere schools is one of 17 districts across the state that reported recieving beef from Westland Hallmark Meat Company.

The linking of the school to the recall has some parents concerned.

"In my opinion you can't trust anything any more. It's scary," said parent Diane Smith.

Diane Smith applauds the school for not serving the beef, but says her kids rarely eat school lunches.

"Nothing was sent home saying that yes, it's been found here but we recalled it, and we didn't serve it, but I mean, that's a concern too," she said.

The KDA says it's still getting information on all the districts in the state and that more from Northern Kentucky could have had the Westland-Hallmark beef.

FOX19 spoke with Erlanger superintendent Michael Sander Tuesday morning and he says he is looking into the situation.

FOX19.com: Sara Gouedy