No Hall Of Fame This Year For Nuxhall

Joe Nuxhall
Joe Nuxhall

(COOPERSTOWN, NY) -- There will be no Hall of Fame this year for Reds legendary broadcaster Joe Nuxhall.

The 2008 Ford C. Frick Award will go to Dave Niehaus, a Mariners broadcaster.

Nuxhall was one of ten finalists for the award, which is given annually for excellence in broadcasting.

The Old Lefthander made the ballot after receiving over 82,000 online votes, well above second place Bill King's 7,600 votes.

A 19-member electorate comprised of 14 other Frick recipients, including Nuxhall's radio partner and 2000 winner Marty Brennaman, as well as five broadcast historians/columnists, made the decision.

Nuxhall passed away in November 2007 at age 79. He enjoyed a 63-year association with the Reds, first as a player, making his major league debut at the age of 15, and then as a broadcaster, sitting in the radio booth from 1967-2004.

Voters were asked to base their selections on the following criteria: longevity; continuity with a club; honors, including national assignments such as the World Series and All-Star Games; and popularity with fans.

To be considered, an active or retired broadcaster must have a minimum of 10 years of continuous Major League broadcast service with a ballclub, network, or a combination of the two. More than 195 broadcasters were eligible for consideration for this year's award.