No gun found at Louisville school; parents able to pick up children

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- Fern Creek High School remained in lockdown mode Wednesday after reports that someone dressed as a student brought a gun into the school about 7:15 a.m. Police were still checking every room of the school as well as the neighborhood for the suspect.

School officials said parents could begin picking children up at 12:15. Students will not be released unless a parent or guardian picks them up.

According to JCPS spokeswoman Lauren Roberts, the student who reported the gun never actually saw a weapon. She told school officials she saw the suspect put his hand on his hip as if indicating he had a weapon while talking with two students.

Roberts says students are being kept in their classrooms while police continue searching for the suspect.

Louisville Metro Police spokesman Phil Russell says officers are also interviewing potential witnesses. He says no one has been found with a gun at the school, which has more than 1,200 students.

Police were searching for a black male wearing a thermal V-neck or "hoodie" type sweatshirt and khaki pants.

Nearby Fern Creek Elementary School was also put into lockdown mode shortly after police received the first reports at 8 a.m. Buses carrying elementary students were diverted to a nearby Kroger parking lot, then taken to the James E. Farmer Elementary School at 6405 Gellhaus Lane.

Buses began transporting students back to Fern Creek Elementary after the all-clear was given for it just before 11 a.m.

Concerned parents are asked not to show up at Fern Creek High School because of the roads being blocked, but instead go to Fern Creek Baptist Church at 5920 Bardstown Road.

No injuries have been reported.