Kansas Man Accused of Having Sex With Dog...Again

(WICHITA, KS) -- Police in Wichita, Kansas have arrested a man for bestiality.

The 20-year-old suspect is accused of having sex with a dog. And it's not the first time the man has been in this type of trouble.

Joshua Coman is now in jail, accused of having sex with a Rottweiler.

"We don't see any cases like this. I'd never seen any cases like this. I hope we don't see anymore," said Lt. Sam Hanley with the Wichita Police Department.

Justen Tracy says Coman lived with his family for a short time.

Coman called Wednesday night to say he was coming over to kidnap the dog. Shortly after the family caught him in the garage.

"He's doing foul things with the dog and my mom flips on the garage light and he stops," said Tracy, the dog's owner.

Tracy says they found out a month ago what Coman was doing with Yogi and told him if he came on their property again they'd call the police.

Coman was already on probation for similar charges in Reno County.

Last September, he pleaded no contest in a case involving a rottweiler in Pretty Prairie.

Authorities say Coman has posted pictures of himself with animals on a Web site.

In fact, Tracy says there's video on the site of his family pet in the family's livingroom, taped while they weren't home.

"I kinda always kind of knew he was sick," said Tracy.

Police say Comen will most likely face sodomy charges a statute that includes sex with animals. But it's a crime that is only a misdemeanor.

Report: CNN