Passports Missing: FOX19 Investigates


Update: The Postal Service has confirmed to FOX19 that a total of 178 passports applications are missing. They say the problem is isolated to southwest Ohio, but they may be staring a regional, possibly national, search of all postal facilities.

The applications appear to be all original applications (not renewals) from people who appeared in person at an authorized post office. The applications and original documents are then bundled for shipment to a passport processing facility, and it appears one of those bundles disappeared.


Dozens of you have emailed and called us since we first told you about the missing passport applications from the Colerain Post Office and many families had the same stories to tell.

FOX19 learned that at least 50 missing passport applications have gone missing from at least six post offices around the tristate.  Misplaced applications from Anderson Township, Mason, Westwood, Mt. Washington, Roselawn, and as far away as Dayton and Indiana.

Now the post office says it's now aware of these other locations but still treating this as a misplaced mail incident. That worries many of those who lost their passport applications as FOX19's Sara Gouedy found first hand.

Marcy: "This is the passport application right here."

Marcy Klein kept her passport application reciept from her trip to the Roselawn Post Office January 11th, not knowing she was just one of many who would lose their applications in the mail.

"It seems very fishy and it's very scary."

More than 20 viewers contacted FOX19 with similar stories and they all have one thing in common--their personal information went missing in early January. The post office says the bulk of the lost applications came on one processing day--January 11th.

But distict spokesman Ray Jacobs says despite this new information, the United States Post Office is treating these parcels as "lost". A postal inspector has been assigned to the case.

Doug Cook: "My information is out there, my son's information is out there."

In Pierce Township--Doug Cook's disappointed--saying on top of worrying about identity theft --his trip to Mexico won't likely happen.

"I'm not holding my breath for a good resolution to this and I'm not waiting for the post office to come back and say they've found my passport information."

And there's also anger over this in Washington, DC.

Senator Sherrod Brown issued a letter Thursday to the postmaster general saying quote..."once this situation has been resolved and following a complete investigation, I urge the USPS to reexamine it's internal policies and take steps to ensure there is no lapse in the future."

Congresswoman Jean Schimdt also weighed in--saying call your representative if this happens to you.

Jean Schmidt: "We will make sure that the postal inspector knows immediately so that they can start and investigaton."

Back at Marcy's house, she says she got an identity theft mailer from the post office Thursday afternoon.

Marcy Klein: "It's important documents and it's important information and they certainly need to be very careful with it. I put my trust in them and right now they let me down."

So far the post office says there have been no confirmed identity theft cases from these missing applications.

Sara Gouedy, FOX19 News.