Owners of Ohio Pit Bulls Encouraged to Spay or Neuter their Pets

(TRENTON, OH) -- Hundreds of animals are cowering in shelters with only hours to live.

Many are pit bulls.

In Trenton alone 73 pit bulls were brought into their shelter in just six weeks. And 55 had to be euthanized. So the humane society is calling for mandatory sterilization of pit bulls.

Leland Gordon of the Humane Society says "If there's one breed that needs to by spayed or neutered, it's the one breed that's been classified by the state of Ohio to be a vicious dog, that's the pit bull. It's the one breed that's been banned in numerous cities across the country, Cincinnati, Fairfield, Dayton. The last thing we need in our community is more people breeding more pit bulls."

For more information on spaying or neutering call the Trenton Humane Society at 867-5727.