Man Attempts To Attack Judge In Dearborn Co.

Gilbert Hogston / Courtesy Dearborn County Sheriff's Office
Gilbert Hogston / Courtesy Dearborn County Sheriff's Office

(LAWRENCEBURG, IN) -- A man is recovering in the hospital after he tried to attack a judge in a local courthouse, and then ended up hitting some glass and cutting his arm.

Around 10 a.m. Friday morning, Gilbert W. Hogston, 24, of Oak Hill, Ohio was in court for a sentencing hearing as a result of a probation violation. After he was sentenced, he was seated in the courtroom as another defendant was undergoing a bond hearing.

During that hearing, Hogston became disruptive and began shouting explitives and then made a lunge at Hon. G. Michael Witte. Judge Witte ordered deputies to remove Hogston from the courtroom, and once outside the room, Hogston pulled away from deputies and ran into a wall, hitting a door to the clerk's office, where he broke the glass, resulting in a serious injury to his arm.

Hogston was transported to Dearborn County Hospital and may possibly have to undergo a surgical procedure to repair the injury to his arm.

Hogston now faces additional charges of disorderly conduct and resisting law enforcement.