Pregnant woman shot to death during fight in Newbern, TN

(NEWBERN, TN) -- A shooting during a fight late Wednesday night in the small town of Newbern, Tennessee killed a woman and her unborn child.  Now, police are searching for four male suspects, including a 15-year-old boy they believe was the shooter.

Officials said the shooting happened just before 9:00 p.m. Wednesday.  Witnesses told police the victim, 20-year-old Tamera Brown, was fighting with the suspects outside her housing complex.

Witnesses said Brown had a bat, and at least one of the suspects had a gun.  During the fight, one of the suspects started shooting, killing Brown and her unborn baby.

"The hospital called and said the baby died, so that makes it a double murder," Newbern Police Chief Harold Dunivant said.  "We're gonna get with the DA's office and tell them what we've got, and see what kind of charges we need to have."

Another man, Donald Wilks, was also hit, but was not seriously hurt.

Officials said the group of men came to Newbern from Lauderdale county.  While the murders were likely not gang related, officers were worried that retaliation could take place.

Police planned to increase patrols in the area Thursday to stop further violence.  They also expected to issue at least three arrest warrants in Brown's murder sometime Thursday.

Report: WMCTV, Memphis