High Price Of Diesel Fuel Costs You, Too

If you drive an  SUV, it might be taking you close to a hundred bucks to fill up.

But what about having to fill a 200 gallon tank for an 18-wheel behemoth?

Trucking companies are spending two and a half times what they used to on fuel, and guess who's footing the bill?

Car drivers aren't the only ones keeping an eye on the gas prices, which are expected to hit the $4 mark by spring.

Diesel prices are skyrocketing and that's not good for truckers or your pocketbook.

Long Haul trucker James Tomey just spent $775 on 216 gallons of diesel fuel to keep his big rig rolling.

"What we're spending on diesel fuel today, five years ago I spent in a week. And I spent that much in two days," said Tomey.

Now multiply that times hundreds of trucks, thousands of trips and you understand the pinch that trucking companies feel every time they pay their fuel bill.

"From 2004, we would have spent $250,000, now we spend $700,000 of fuel each month," said Steve Hall from RRR Express.

Hall says his company looks for ways to reduce fuel consumption, from drivers taking trucks home to purchasing auxiliary power units on the tractors. Still, they didn't expect such high diesel prices.

"We looked at last year in pricing our fuel cost and we already misjudged that again. Our fuel costs are already 3.5 percentage points higher than what we anticipated," said Hall

And as fuel prices continue to climb, so will the cost of the products these trucks are shipping.

"Anything that has to be transported, the increased cost is going to have to be shared by everyone," said Hall.

That means we'll pay more, just as Tomey expects he'll have to pay even more at the pump.

"A couple of months ago they said $4 a gallon and I thought they were kidding, but I'm about to believe it now," he said.

Just two days ago, diesel prices hit a record high across the country of $3.54. One of the truckers said he was just in Pennsylvania, where it was almost $3.80 a gallon.

FOX19.com: Jill Eichorn