Full Text Of Rogers Resignation Letter

Dear Commissioners:

I tender my resignation as Butler County Auditor, effective Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at noon.

On the advice of my attorneys and because of the ongoing FBI investigation, my intent was to resign on March 15. However, I no longer believe that time frame is in the best interest of the people of Butler County. I understand the calls for more immediate action, so I have chosen to resign March 4.

The office is in very good hands. I have been blessed with a tremendous staff and they continue to perform at an excellent level. Over the next few days, I will be finishing my duties as Auditor to properly prepare my successor.

I do sincerely apologize to the fine people of Butler County for the embarrassment this situation has caused and for my actions. The citizens put their faith in me many times at the ballot box and I understand their disappointment. More information will surface in the coming months that may better explain the actions concerning this situation. I regret that I put my trust in some people that have let me down. But for now, I can only answer for myself. I am sorry for any harm I have caused to anyone.

The investigation continues, so I cannot comment further on any details surrounding the issues involved in my plea.

I appreciate the opportunity I was given to serve the people. I believe we've accomplished a lot of good things, including expanded Homestead exemptions, improved appraisal services, and advanced information technology. It is my hope that those things are remembered from my tenure, and not this unfortunate ending.


Kay Rogers

Butler County Auditor