No Cussing Week Declared

(SOUTH PASADENA, CA) -- Swearing can be a bad habit for many people, but one high schooler wants to change that. South Pasadena, California is an official 'No Cussing Zone' this week.

Fourteen-year old McCay Hatch is the creator of the 'no cussing club'.

The club was originally among some of his friends, but has now turned into a website.

Says McCay, "You gotta start off with the little things. That's why I like this cuss-free week, well just for a week. 'Cause if they can do it for a week, then maybe they can do it for two weeks. And then they can do it for a month."

Members of the No-Cussing Club ahve come froma as far away as Australia to Argenia and New Zealand.