Reports Of Clermont Co. Precincts Running Out Of Democratic Ballots

(BATAVIA, OH) -- There have been some reports of  precincts running out of Democratic primary ballots in Clermont County.

Mike Keeley with the Clermont County Board of Elections says they've had a number of precincts run out of ballots. He says they have a ballot printer at the board of elections, and when precincts call to say they are running out of ballots, they are printing up new batches and having sheriff's deputies deliver them to the precincts.

He says no voters are being turned away, but some may have been leaving "in disgust" when told they will have to wait for ballots to arrive.

The Board of Elections reports there are 14,500 registered Democrats in the county and 33,310 ballots were ordered; even with the large number of ballots ordered, there were still some shortages experienced in several parts of the county, including Amelia, Milford, and Union Township.

"Several precincts reported shortages of Democratic ballots and Clermont County Sheriff's Deputies were quickly dispatched with additional ballots for the sites needing them," said Clermont Board of Elections Director Judy Miller.  "We apologize for any inconvenience to citizens who had to wait for the ballots to arrive.  Most of the ballots were delivered within 15 to 30 minutes of when they were requested."

While there was heavy voter turnout reported across Clermont County, and some precincts had long lines, those in line when the polls closed at 7:30 p.m., were permitted to cast ballots.  Of the 128,396 registered voters in Clermont County, 43 percent voted in this primary election.