2 People Found Murdered In Avondale Apartment

(UPDATE 11:57pm) Cincinnati Police have indentified the two people found as 80-year-old James Grafinreed and 33-year-old Takisha Maupin.  They say the pair were found stabbed.

Neighbor Anthony Allen said of the woman who lived in the apartment, "she was very loving, kind, understanding. She had a smile that was out of this world." 

Grafinreed was also listed in online references as having lived at an apartment in the building.

Police believe the pair may have been in the apartment for as long as 48 hours before they were discovered by a maintenance worker.

Investigators will not say if they found a weapon at the scene, but no arrests have been made.

It's Cincinnati's seventh and eight homicide of the year.

(AVONDALE) -- Police are investigating two bodies found in a home in Avondale.

Officers responded around 2:30 p.m. to an apartment complex in the 3400 block of Reading Road, where the body of a man and a woman were found.

It is unclear at this time if foul play is suspected.

FOX19 is gathering information and will bring you the latest as we get it.