The Secret World Of Cincinnati's Brewery Tunnels

Deep below Cincinnati's old brewery district lies a secret world that has been closed to the public since the late 1800's.

Oh if those walls could talk, and they are. as Bockfest fans take an up close look at the city's brewerys tunnels.

When owners bought the Kauffmann Brewery on Vine Street in the 90's, they didn't realize there was another world below the basement, until they stumbled on some drawings of the original brewery, then they did a little digging.

"And found their way down there, somewhere they have this whole 70 foot high sub-basement below the building," said Steve Hampton, executive director of the brewery district. "They use these tunnels to lager and store the beer."

To age the beer properly, you needed a cool and consistent temperature.

"So you see that with Cincinnati brewerys in the basement or dug into hillsides," said Hampton. "We're standing 30 feet below street level. Basement size of entire building. Sheer volume of earth excavated to build this is just incredible.">

All done by hand, and horse, the mystery of their labor never revealed to the public... before now.

Bockfest is this weekend, and you can tour those tunnels, to find out times, click here. Regina Russo