Schools, Parents Deal With Early Dismissals

Dozens of Tri-State schools saw the snow start falling and decided to send the kids home early, which makes things a little crazy for the schools and parents.

The scene was the same at schools all over the Tri-State. Heavy snow means an early end to the day.

First it was two hours early, then Campbell County decided a three hour early dismissal would be best for everyone. The fun began at Crossroads Elementary around noon, but before Campbell County schools made that decision, they checked with the street department.

And the early start to the weekend had parents wishing they had an early snow dismissal from work.

"It's hectic, being at work, leaving early, but I didn't want her on the bus," said parent Theresa Poynter.

"I just want to make sure my kids are safe. The roads are pretty bad," added Ann Bowling.

"I don't think the kids should've had school today. It's really bad," said Sherry Howard.

And there was no hiding excitement of an early start to the weekend.

"We try to keep our day as much as possible the same but we had to change our special schedule lunch. The kids came in knowing they were going home really early," said Crossroad Elementary principal Kim Visse.

Campbell County schools are already using three days of spring break to make up for snow days, so hopefully come Monday, the winter wonderland won't create any more problems for anyone. Corey McConnell