Snow Plows Battle To Clean Up

A blizzard warning and inches of snow already on the ground will mean some long days for those monitoring Tri-State roads.

It's not just the average driver who's braving this, so are the salt truck and snow plow drivers.

Cincinnati salt trucks load up on a night when they're working round the clock shifts. It's a job that hasn't gone unnoticed.

"I know they can't get to all the streets, but they're doing a good job on the main streets," said Tina Loveless.

Earlier in the evening, Billy Jefferson hit the road in Campbell County, working his shift for the Kentucky Department of Transportation.

"Basically as soon as you start seeing it cover up, you put down a layer of salt, and after it starts accumulating and gets on the road enough to plow then you start plowing," said Billy Jefferson

Jefferson started on Alexandria Pike, Plowing his way through the snowy mess that paralyzed the county.

"Snow like this you can't drive real fast. If you do, it's gonna shoot you a big rooster tail and it's gonna--you just have got to be careful," said Jefferson

70 trucks district wide treated Northern Kentucky roadways Friday night.

And many more worked other parts of the Tri-State. Most drivers worked at least 12 hour shifts.

"I think they've been doing a good job. I think they've been doing the best they can with what they got," said Loveless. Sara Gouedy