Snow Causes Canopy Collapse In Union Township

(UNION TOWNSHIP, OH ) -- Some scary moments at a gas station in Clermont County's Union Township on Sunday afternoon after the canopy above a gas station collapsed under the weight of a foot of snow.

It happened at a Shell station on U.S. 32 and Elick Road. A man was pumping gas just moments before that canopy crushed his minivan.

Scott Thesing had been out running errands when he stopped at the gas station to fill up. He says he was checking the fluid in his van when he started to hear a crunching sound. He quickly put the gas nozzle back into its holder and dove in between the fuel pump and the pillars, just before the canopy fell on his minivan.

"I'm just glad to be alive. God's been in our favor. When it's all said and done, I realize how grateful I am. I have four kids and a wife," said Thesing.

The good news is no one was injured. Scott's wife and children were at home so luckily no one else was in the van at the time.