UPDATE: Two Arrested After Night Club Dispute


Update: 1:45 p.m.

Police have released the names and charges of those arrested in this incident.

Jenae Tye, 19, is charged with felonious assault for driving the car that hit another woman.

Anthony Walker, also 19, is charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

Police have confirmed that shots were fired during the incident, but no one was hurt.

The incident remains under investigation.


A bizarre incident stretching across three police districts ends with a man and woman in police custody.

It started as a fight between two women at Annie's on Kellogg Avenue.

Police say one of those women, Jenae Tye, rammed her car into another car, pinning a woman in between.

The two cars then chased one another across Cincinnati, until Tye and a man were arrested at the BP gas station on Mitchell Avenue.

There were also reports of a shooting, but police aren't sure if its related.

The male suspect in this case hasn't been identified, but he's charged with obstruction of justice.